Thursday, 6 August 2015

Baby's Day Out!

It been a while again. But as you know from my last post a lot has changed recently.
In short, we have now moved into our beautiful new home, and life has been pretty crazy and expensive with furniture buying, bill paying and birthdays!...and it's not going to stop there! 
I am actually now expecting my first baby in just a matter of 12 weeks! 
In true Lauren style, just as I did when I decided this blog would be the perfect place to illustrate my life in Munich and ended up moving home, I have now decided it would be a great memory of my pregnancy and hopefully our little life together.

So I am now in my seventh month of pregnancy. We are expecting a little boy and words can not even describe how excited we are! I can't believe how quickly the time has passed or help but feel slightly unprepared with every blog, website, mother and aunty telling me how I should get my hospital bag ready and of course buy a pushchair and cot! - let a lone a car! Currently Liam and I cruise around in a 2 seater van!!

I started a new Instagram a couple of weeks ago as I found myself searching for other Mummys to follow, wanting to see everything from Lifestyle, foody posts, babys, clothes, maternity fashion and more, I thought it would be the perfect timing for me to also share some snippets from my experiences. So go ahead and have a little follow; I'm not completely sold on the name yet, so let me know if anyone has any suggestions?!

And Names! Yes we have been asked a million times, Do you have any names?' Yes we do...but I'm not telling!