24 l München based l Brit Kid

I work with them, I’m friends with them, I follow them and let’s face it I put enough of my life on the internet anyway...so here it is; my blog. Fashion blog (with a hint of lifestyle and travel thrown in for good measure!).

I’ve lived in the mighty München for a year and a half now, I’m originally from the UK (a lil ole place called Solihull); I’m a real home girl but sucker for an adventure! (I’m sure you will learn on your own).
I’m a fashion graduate, having spent over 12 months interning in a number of fantastic positions at amazing companies around the UK, before graduating and taking the giant leap across the water to begin my career here in Germany. As you can probably guess, studying and working in fashion means it has, and is, a huge part of my life; coupled with my overwhelming urge to share too much, what better expel for my creativity than this blog.

So in the words of David Bowie; ‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring...’

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