Sunday, 16 March 2014

PJ's in the park!

So here it goes a quick intro into me, why I’m here and probably not any insight into where I’m going...because where’s the fun in that?!

As you may have read, I’m a 24 year old living in Munich, or as I like to call it the mighty München; working for an international fashion company, STYLIGHT. I’m originally from Solihull (UK) and found myself in Munich after graduating and biting the bullet in starting the next chapter. I had lived between Solihull and Derby(/shire) for 6 years  – with a brief stint in London whilst interning. After a few months back in Solihull full time I started to get the adventure itch and began to look for jobs further afield...and here I am. I wouldn’t say it was easy but I’m glad I did it and I must say I’ve grown fond of this little city.

I want to use this blog to document all of the wonderful things I get to enjoy in life, including a peak at my wardrobe along the way. Last weekend I headed over to Olympia park with a couple of friends to enjoy the unseasonal rays of sunshine! We walked around the lake, drank traditional German Bier (or untraditional Calippo slushy for myself) before hiring a Pedalo and taking to the water. For some reason I was allowed control of the steering – you will learn I am yet to gain that wonderful bit of pink plastic – and may have caused a slight bump...after a fun filled afternoon we headed home unscathed. I'm sure I will be spending many more sunny afternoons exploring the park, as there is so much to do there and being the adrenaline junkie I am, I'm keen to try the roof walk - I'm also sure the views will not disappoint!

So here’s a peak at what I wore on said ‘springsome’ day!

Sunglasses: Dior
Denim Jacket/Coat: Asos
Blouse: Topshop (nightwear) now the title makes more sense!
Leggings & Pumps: H&M
Bag: Halhuber
Photography courtesy of Rebecca Cohen & Stephanie Dunn (where you can enjoy another post on the day!).

I tend to wear a lot (a lot) of leggings, so I am hoping this new venture will force me to mix it up and think a bit more about what I am putting on in the morning....perhaps even drag my bum out of bed a tad earlier and make some effort!...I can only dream hope (dream seemed too ironic).

'I'm not very articulate' - David Bowie.

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