Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Work leggings & pattern play!

Something I think most people working in fashion can relate to is differentiating between their work and play wardrobe. Luckily I work in such a dynamic and relaxed company that whether I go to work in a skirt and shirt or a dinosaur tee, there’s no problem – great at 8am on a Monday morning. But there comes a point in the day when you look in the mirror and contemplate; ‘really?!’  I imagine a lot of people can relate to the fact that ‘8am you’ and ‘1pm you’ are generally in completely different head spaces. There’s a saying related to not making decisions when you are mad and; for me at least; this also applies when tired. I am one of those chaotic sleepy types in the a.m, so some kind of planning has to take place for me to look vaguely presentable by midday.

This is a typical work, ‘9-5’ (or 6 in my case!) outfit...As you can see it’s a thrown together mix of everything – probably half thought through the night before and half thrown on the morning after. In my bid to be weaned off leggings I purchased these Topshop treggings(?)(No, they are definitely still just leggings). Generally I’m a neutrals and random patterns kind of girl, so I think these bad boys do a pretty good job of encompassing both. It’s safe to say I’ve hit a few trends here (embellishment, pattern AND texture) creating quite a random mish mash that... ‘kinda’ works? (Let me know!)...

I’m completely in love with these pumps from ‘Bronx’. I have seen so many quirky styles, my favourite being the Givenchy ones, but these were much more affordable and still great quality! Similarly to the legging situation, I find a good pair of shoes and tend to over kill; so here's to pretending I'm  not wearing leggings and hoping my pumps are as good quality as I think they are!


Jumper: Topshop
Leggings: Topshop
Pumps: Bronx @ ASOS
Photography courtesy of Rebecca Cohen

'However, there`s no theme or concept behind (Heathen), just a number of songs but somehow there is a thread that runs through it that is quite strong'. - David Bowie.

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