Sunday, 4 May 2014

I'll follow the road, That will take me, take me right back home.

Walking home at 6am this morning, the sun was up, the birds were tweeting and I had pretty much wrote my day off.

However my body had other ideas, waking up at 11am feeling fresh as a daisy, I hopped out of bed  and  made myself a cup of tea. I won't lie there was a slight diminish in my enthusiasm where my beds gravitational force got the better of me however nothing a shower and slick of make up couldn't  fix!
When Rebecca messaged me to grab a bite at Ryans Muddy Boot, I was itching to 'sport' my new baseball shirt (a little Cohen inspired pun there!). 

The cap (a not so subtle nod to my friends across the pond) I acquired on a night out during in Oktoberfest last year,  its a Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. I won't pretend I know too much about them, or any form of baseball to be honest but it was no secret to me that its previous owner was pretty darn fond of it, so I  wanted to make sure it got some recognition and appreciation! Generally I don't think I'm a baseball cap kinda gal, but as I said I'm determined to show this one some love and if you hadn't noticed the whole baseball thing seems to be in right now so why not give it a whirl.

In other news, I spent the night at my favourite club here in Munich, The Atomic Cafe. I won't  sugar coat it, its probably comparable to that of Snobs (Birmingham), dark, dirty, smelly but the music delivers and you're guaranteed a good night. With both Cohen and I's time in Munich coming to an end, we are keen to make the most of our weekends so threw together some plans and finally headed out around 2am, yes 2am! After a brief stint people watching in Ksar bar we gave in and headed to Atomic...and well, as they say the rest is  history. We ran into a few familiar faces, grabbed a top up and proceeded to dance the night away, quite literally. Aside from Atomic if you like a none pretentious night out I would definitely head towards Sendlinger Tor/ Mullerstrasse, renowned as the 'gay quarter' you are guaranteed the perfect mix of weird and wonderful. The atmosphere is pure fun and the people to boot.
I will be moving to London in a few weeks and  finally telling people has got me trรจs nostalgic about my time here; from my street, the tram, the walk to work, that smell the supermarket has (you know the one when your on holiday), brezel's OFCOURSE, bars, expect many a sentimental post in the coming weeks. 

Oh and if you're in the UK enjoy your bank holiday!


 After two months living in my current flat, I noticed this on! You may also recognise it from my Instagram this morning. Why you so pretty Munich?!

Photography: Its Cohen!
Baseball cap: thrifted? borrowed? c/o?
Baseball shirt: Primark
Tee: Zara
Disco pants: Monki
Pumps:  H&M

Hey! I think I might have finally established the blogging style I wanted.

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